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How our Magazine will Look Like

ARTventure Magazine was initially published online as digital magazine in January 2023. This October, the print edition will be released in glossy, coffeetable book-quality. Aside from the print edition, it will also be available online as digital magazine and thru our website where it is available and easily accessible around the globe, 24/7.

2nd issue in digital magazine format

The ARTventure Magazine

ARTventure Magazine is the newest art and travel magazine that brings you to the colorful world of Philippine art and takes you to exciting and exotic places around the Philippines. It contains a wide variety of articles about the arts and artists, galleries and exhibits, events, tourist spots, places and photographs.

Initially published in digital magazine format in January 2023 and only available online, its print edition will be launched by October and to be published bimonthly. ARTventure Magazine’s content aims to promote Philippine arts and tourism to a wider audience. It can also be a venue to impart to the public about art and create awareness for better understanding and appreciation.

Artist Spotlight

Get known in the art world in the Philippines and abroad as we showcase your profile and your art.

Pahiyas Museum and Art Gallery

Gallery in Focus

In depth review of galleries in the Philippines and abroad.

Main Features

Find new and exciting destinations to explore and discover new skills, passions, and friends.

Artworks showcase by featured artists to show to clients and collectors

A peek on artists and collectors life and how they show their love for arts.

Submit your events and happenings within the art circle.  It’s FREE!

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Print Edition

Printed in 8.5 x 11 inches glossy, coffeetable book-quality paper

Digital Magazine

The digital magazine is available over the internet. Just like the printed edition, it can be flipped and viewed using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Website Edition

An online version of the magazine can be viewed as a website with your ad shown as banner ads.

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Get Your Gallery Featured

Gallery in Focus

In depth review of galleries in the Philippines and abroad.

Bimbi Piccoli Learning Center
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